Who We Are

Alicia Phillips | Founder

My name is Alicia Phillips, I am the founder of Hope’s Response.  As a disabled veteran I know firsthand that without programs, resources and help from kindhearted people who cared I would not be here today.  I am extremely grateful for every program created by people wanting to contribute to helping others because it gave me HOPE and an opportunity to change my life.

Diagnosed with service connected (MST) PTSD, Anxiety Disorder and Depression, having cared for my 15month old daughter who became a quadriplegic in an a car accident and woke up paralyzed and eventually passed away a year later due to respiratory complications , my 13 year old son who was shot in the head by his friend in an accidental shooting, and my 10 year old daughter who witness the incident I am no stranger to traumatic experiences, misfortune and tragedy.

Circumstances can change your life instantly without warning. Protecting my children and maintaining a safe place for us to live proved difficult during those times.

“If it weren’t for my community, resources, and programs created that were geared to my different circumstances I never could have made it through."

Thank you.

Kala S. Rose

Kala S. Rose started at the young age of 14 going to work at a nursing home from 5 am-12 pm just to get on the bus and go down to Cuyahoga Community College(Tri-c) for summer classes.

During high school at John Hay Early College, she continued to take college classes at Tri-c during the three years of high school. After graduating in 2011 was when she experienced life differently because now she would be living for her son Kyree and herself.

While pregnant with Kyree she went on to start her career at Walsh College. She finished one semester of Nursing before taking a break to raise her son. The Fall of 2012 was when she moved to Toledo so that Kyree's father can help her with going to College.

With both of them in college, working, and raising Kyree they managed to both get a Degree. In 2015 Kala decided to join the United States Army to ensure that Kyree will have a chance to go to college with no worries.

After coming home from the Army, in 2016 another blessing Terrance Jr. came to share life with her. While going back to school to get a Bachelor of Nursing was an option, the needs of her family of two were more important. With the help of the boys' father, she became a Postal mail carrier in 2017.

The long days of heat, snow, and rain she kept pushing on. In 2018 She applied for a higher position and became an acting Supervisor for the city of Cleveland.

She would go to different stations across the city to open the unit or close the unit. With the sporadic hours, she needed something more stable now that in 2019 she would be welcoming her baby girl Kamiyah. May of 2019 she became a form 50 supervisor for the Shaker Heights Post office.

While being a supervisor she has been able to mentor and watch mail carriers go from having any confidence at all to now being able to proving excellent customer service to the city of Cleveland.

While continuing to serve in the Army National Guard she has been able to continue to help the United States with hurricane relief, and water crises. As a truck driver, she is also the support of other units to be able to have the gear that they need to complete the mission.

Toya Matthews Brown | Director of Real Estate and Development

My name is Toya Matthews Brown, I am the Director of Real Estate and Development for Hope’s Response.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies, I began my Real Estate career in 2007.

In my early years, I started in the industry as a loan originator in the Home Mortgage field.

As a licensed realtor,  I have experience in various types of Real Estate transactions, including single-family homes, condos, land, and commercial deals. I pride myself on providing service to my clients and sharing industry knowledge. I am always excited to share my knowledge and experience in Real Estate to benefit others.

“My goal is to assist Hope’s Response with their vision to give others HOPE like we’ve been given."

Hope’s Response has great innovative housing programs.

Our mission is to provide resources for those that need assistance in our communities.  Factors like natural disasters, sickness, poverty, and other obstacles in life, often make it economically challenging for many to obtain safe, affordable housing. 

I look forward to expanding across the nation and wherever our mission takes us.

With our team at Hope’s Response, we are building bridges to affordable housing.

Thank you.

Akiem Brown | Director of Marketing

Hi, I'm Akiem Brown, Director of Marketing for Hopes Response. My professional background is in post-production management and television editing. Upon graduating from California State University, Northridge, I started my career with N.B.C. working on the long-running entertainment news program 'Access Hollywood' with a Cinema and Television Arts degree.

My next opportunity took me to B.E.T., the nation's leading black content creator. Here, I was the Lead Editor for 'Comic View. Then, a few years later, at E! Entertainment Network, editing shows like 'True Hollywood Story.'

In 2011 I packed up & moved to Atlanta to work with Steve Harvey on 'The Steve Harvey Project' show as the Lead Editor.

I returned to Los Angeles as the Assistant Director for Steve Harvey's 'Neighborhood Awards' and the First Assistant to the Director for B.E.T.'s hit series 'The Apollo.

In more recent years, I have worked on the highly successful entertainment news show 'Entertainment Tonight Online. Currently, I am the Department Manager of E.T.O.'s Post Production department. I look forward to using my experience and expertise to strengthen Hopes Response and our Mission to end homelessness.